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Brad has supported hundreds of clients in coming out of The OCD & Anxiety Cycle since 2015. He is the creator of The OCD Recovery Formula & The OCD Recovery Project. 


The OCD Recovery Formula

The OCD Recovery Formula provides proven principles, tools, and strategies to help students End the OCD Cycle.


What is Included in Brad's OCD & Anxiety Coaching:

The core pillars of Brad's coaching programs are education, separation, elimination of compulsions, and implementation of proven tools and strategies to End The OCD & Anxiety Cycle.

How Brad Can Help:

  • Support You With Recognizing What Is Triggering Your Anxiety & OCD
  • Create & Implement an Individualized Recovery Program 
  • Provide Proven Effective Recovery Tools to End the OCD & Anxiety Cycle
  • Teach You How to Overcome Anxiety with The Counter Intuitive Approach
  • Teach You How to Overcome OCD Thoughts with The 7 Ways to Respond to OCD – The 3A’s, 3E’s, & 1I
  • Support You In Identify and Helping You Eliminate Compulsions and What To Do Instead
  • Support You With Accountability To Your Recovery 
  • Help You Identify Your Sticking Points: The Places Your Are Getting Stuck With OCD
  • Support With Common Pitfalls That Stop The Recovery Process
  • Implementing A Recovery Mindset
  • And much more... 


My life has been completely changed

by Rachel L.

My life has been completely changed. Now when I deal with OCD thoughts, I am no longer a victim. I experience the anxiety that comes with intrusive thoughts, but I don’t get stuck in the thoughts like before, and my life is no longer hindered from OCD

I was constantly overwhelmed by the millions of OCD thoughts

by Anthony R.

Before, I was constantly overwhelmed by the millions of OCD thoughts shooting through my brain. I was rarely in the present moment and was so easily triggered that I spent my whole day avoiding my own thoughts. Now, I feel calmer and able to sit in silence without my head exploding and I can spend my time more meaningfully.

My OCDTest.com score went from a 24 to a 6 in 3 weeks!

by Ryan M.

My OCDTest.com score went from a 24 to a 6 in 3 weeks! My program with Brad really worked. And Brad is a great mentor in my experience. He knows when to show compassion and when to hold someone accountable. He really helped me.

I will be forever grateful

by Anna L.

I will be forever grateful for how much you and your program have helped me.

Thank you Brad!

by Jessica A.

The OCD Recovery Formula was a lot more holistic. You know more about psychology and other aspects of treating me than other practitioners I’ve seen before. Plus you have the most current and effective tools for ocd. And your experience of having severe ocd yourself and healing from it is invaluable. Thank you Brad!

Your program saved my life

by Tiffany G.

Brad, you and your program literally saved my life.

Bradley Wilson



Bradley Wilson is an OCD Specialist that has been working in the field of OCD & anxiety recovery since 2015. While working with clients during this time, he was able to create The OCD Recovery Formula. This formula combines traditional exposure and cognitive models with additional one of a kind approaches to overcoming OCD thoughts and anxiety. These include both the 7 Ways to Respond to OCD, the 3A's, 3E's, and 1I, as well as, The Counter Intuitive Approach. Bradley has also experienced living with OCD for over a decade. As a result of his personal battle with OCD, Bradley is able to combine both his clinical and personal experiences to help others End The OCD Cycle.

Are you ready to End the OCD Cycle?